Once upon a time… Krakow

Krakow is the perfect city for a princess. It’s magical. With small cobbled streets and churches everywhere. With a castle and even a dragon. With music in each corner and soap bubbles at the main square. During the night, I was able to hear horses and carriages riding the streets, from my 12 beds dormitory. Krakow is a fairy tale city. And it’s also what I’m living at the beginning of this journey.

I also heard several tales, made with origami paper, created by one of my roommate. Thanks to him, I had stars in my eyes before falling asleep. And the funny thing is that we lived closed to each other, in our small towns in France, and we meet here in Poland, spending evening to fold sheets.

But Krakow, it’s not all about magic. It’s also the war atrocity which took place few miles from here. Auschwitz. I was not sure about going there. I was afraid about merchandising. I was afraid that the horror became a tourist attraction. But I heard that Auschwitz is more a memorial and that is important to remember. So, I went. The hell so close to the paradise.

A travel is a mix of all those things. History, magic, meetings, discoveries. And little inconvenients. I walked a lot, because I lost myself a lot. When I thought it was a shorter way, it was often a longer one. I lost two shirts while doing a laundry. And as I had only three ones, it didn’t remain a lot… But everything goes well every time with patience, good feets and smiles. I’m a beginner backpacker.

Finally, I ate out for the first time in a milk bar, a remain restaurant of communist period. I had Pierogi and a cucumber soup, and I gave half of it to someone because it was so big. But now, I am in a bus to Tallin for almost 24 hours and I am hungry… I forgot my food bag in the street and the bus never stops. I look forward to become an experiment backpacker. But even if my stomach is empty, my heart is full, and it’s the most important.

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