Once upon a time… North Vietnam

Ten days is usually the time that I need to be used to a new country. Ten days of transition, between two cultures, two languages, two ways to live, to eat, to take the train or the bus, to dress… So, with only ten little days in the North Vietnam, it’s difficult for me to paint an image of it… So here is simply some little colors touches, pictures in pointillism, to create illusion.

Small red and blue plastic stools spread on sidewalks.
Millions of people motorbikes that make the heart stopping, or going faster.
Emerald waters which meander in sumptuous Gorges.
Ladies rowing for hours and hours, with their feet.
Smiles which lit up faces.
A train going through the city in the midst of houses.
Delicious savors coming from the streets.
Paddy fields on mountains sides.
The magnificent background of the Halong Bay.
Kayaks through natural dark caves.
Monkeys calling in trees.
Lights spinning in the night.
Vendors who sell everything, everywhere.
A lot of noise.
Kids sleeping, in between their parents, dreams brought on two wheels.
Chop sticks, spices and spring rolls in hot bowls.
Police coming, and, in few seconds, bars cleaning outside.
Green and humid mountains at 360 degrees on an Island.
Buses full of tourists.
Reunion with Mongolia.
A magic wand move over Oceania.

À votre plume...