Once upon a time… Baltic countries

It’s 7 am. I’m in one of the multiple bus linking Riga to Saint Petersburg. I crossed the Russian border few minutes ago. It’s already the end of the first part. Twenty days in East Europe, feeling like six months. I stopped in 5 countries, and I went through 2 more, with almost 70 hours in transportation.

I loved Tallinn as much as I didn’t like Riga. However, both gave me the opportunity to meet awesome people. The Estonian city is a small jewelry, a delicious chocolate box from Unesco, within a lot of surprises. Tallinn sparkles some youth, energy and development. Art is everywhere, people play table tennis in the streets and have a drink in colorful outsides. The Latvian city is big, massive. More grey, more opaque. I had an impression of old and poverty. Young people come to drink and shot, and they speak loud, everywhere, all night long. Maybe Riga needs some time to be discovered, whereas Tallinn is an easy “gourmandise”.

But no matter the city, Baltics countries gave me this powerful feeling of freedom. After having shared travel happiness in a friendly way, with laughing, discoveries and simplicity, I continued the trip only with myself. Alone, but never really alone. Meeting people was simple, interesting and surprising. Conversations sound from all around the world. Germany, Italy, Ireland, Hong Kong, England… Travelers are particular people. A little bit poet, a little bit out of reality. Dreamers. People with a lot of stories to tell. People with a lot of emotions to share.

I think I’m not yet a member of this family. I’m still too excited by the beginning of this adventure. But I want to turn all around this world, like a funambule. More than ever.

Tallinn & Estonia in 10 pictures:

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Riga in 10 pictures:

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