Once upon a time… To Siberia.

Last hours in the Transsiberian. Tomorrow, I will go out of the Russian borders with the Transmongolian, after 30 days in this amazing immensity. I liked Saint Petersburg. I loved Moscow. I felt in love with Baïkal.

I was seduced by Russia, as much by its infinite landscape than by its extraordinary meetings. From the golden forests to the limpid blue of the biggest fresh water lake of the world, from the effervescent cities in the West to the shamanic energy of Olkhon Island, from the wooden houses of Irkutsk to the bumpy roads of Khuzhir, this country amazed me and give me bubbles of happiness in every moment. Russia is huge, beautiful, indomitable. But if you look at it with your heart, you will tame it. And it will become unique for ever. The wonderful meetings made along the infinite rails of Russia will remain ink like sweet memories in this country with a rough image.

There was this teenager in this train, who shared three days of our life, teaching me with patience the Cyrillic alphabet in a kid book, and so sad on the goodbyes pier. There was this old grandma, in Yekaterinburg, who show us our hostel with her very small steps, smiling because she helped foreigners. There was this russian worker in Kazan, who didn’t know a lot of English, but share with us his admiration for French movies and his dreams of travel. There was this Buryate grandmother, former German Teacher, who offer us a homemade Borsch and bread made with cow-milk in her cute guesthouse. There were those three guys, who shared their Vodka bottle on the long wooden table in the bar, having a toast to meetings, travel, happiness, Baïkal and whatever. There was this young bartender, who touch my feelings with his heavenly cocktails and his walks along the Angara River, with simplicity and sweetness, but innocence already far away… There was this girl who work in the most minuscule hostel of Russia, sharing Ratatouille and red wine with us, with her good mood and her laughs.

Russian gave me their country and their kindness as a gift. I saw Siberia under a sunny weather, with a fresh wind, and an incredible pallet of ocher colors. My feet tasted the freezing water of Baïkal. My adventure wish fly in a shamanic breathing. I’m happy.

Also happy to have shared those instants with those others travellers, adventurers or dreamers, from Germany, France or Brazil. And even more, with my travel buddy, the most enthousiastic and easy person in the whole world.

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