Petite Question… in Australia

Petite Question spent twenty-four days on the middle seat of our Camper-Van, going on the asphalt, the mud or the rocks of Australian roads, from Brisbane to Cairns. Am Advent Calendar of Happiness.

Petite Question: Hop, hop, hop. We need a break in the interview. First, who is this bearded man driving « our » Camper-Van? I thought you were travelling solo. And how do you appear in Australia without a plane? Seems to be a lot of changement.

This bearded man is simply the most wonderful guy on Earth, when he didn’t win at Chess. I met him two months ago in China, an Halloween night. In the center of Asia, I pushed him a little bit to take the decision to go to Australia living his kid’s dream, without having any idea to join him few weeks later. But sometimes, life is magical, and I finally opened a parenthesis in my own journey, to share this dream together during one month. A small loop over the clouds, before going back to my last Anchor point in Vietnam.

Petite Question: I can see anyway that he gives you a smile big like that. So, this Van, it’s a little bit like your Christmas home for December?

Exactly. I switch my back-house for a wheels-house. Few square feet of happiness, a small cocoon full of red, white and green decorations. A bed that carries our dreams, two cooking fires on which burn our dinners, a microwave of treasures, two camping chairs, a radio that sing Christmas, and even a Christmas tree for the big day. All we need to live on a little cloud. Because our Van is called Yún, and it means precisely clouds in Chinese. And I’m wondering under which sky is Yún now…

Petite Question: Hum… So, no shower, no toilets, no TV, no wifi…? A come back to simplicity?

Yes, a come back to simple joys. We watch sunsets instead of a screen. We talk and we laugh. We play Chess drinking apéro. We dance, often, everywhere. We fight a little bit also. But we make the other one happy especially. On the Coast, we shower on beaches. Otherwise, we do not shower, and it’s not a big deal. Sometimes, I wash my hairs where people wash their feet. All parks in Australia have clean toilets, outside barbecues to cook, and so also a tap to rince the dishes or the feet. The only problem is that it’s not allowed to stay overnight. So, we look for a quiet place in the neighborhood, before to come back in the early morning. After few days, we have some habits of nomads.

Petite Question: And what are these habits that punctuate miles on the road?

Usually, we wake up with the sun light, or its heat. But sometimes, we set up an alarm in the night to watch a magical sunrise. One of the first mission in the morning is to find a coffee Latte to begin my day. Then, he drives our little paradise to a new place to discover, and I navigate him with my funny French accent. For breakfast, he eats peanut butter, and I eat cheese, close to some Gorges, waterfall, beache, desert or rainforest. It’s full of beauty for our eyes, our legs, our heart and our soul. We fill our stomach quickly at noon, before to hike in amazing landscapes and to add a lot of memories in our « happiness jar ». At the end of the afternoon, we visit a Vinnies, a Woolworths, a BWS or a Mc Donald to meet all our modern needs. Then, often, we look for a nice point of view for the sunset, and a place under the stars for our evening, before to think about our next destination on the Queensland roads. We are never bored.

Petite Question: Stars seem to shine with kindness above you… Can we know what are you favorite moments so far?

Every day has been extraordinary. From the rugby World Cup to the three days diving on the Great Barrier Reef, my eyes sparkled more intensely than the stars in the Bush. We jumped out of a plane above beautiful islands, we walked in lava tubes, we spent three days on a sailing boat, we saw a giant turtle nesting in the night, we saw various scary animals, we swam with huge fishes, we slept with the ocean breezes…

Petite Question: Various scary animals…?

Generally, I’m afraid by everything moving in Australia. But everything that move in Australia want to kill you, it’s a good reason. Crocodiles, sharks, stingers, snakes, spiders… The only animal who didn’t sacre me, except the inanimate koala, is a giant peacock, who was ironically maybe the most dangerous. Even birds are agressive, and make me locked in my own car several times. Of course, we saw benches of kangaroos, some flat, but a lot in 3D. And hundreds of bats. Australia is really wild…

Petite Question: Wild, and hopeless romantic to what they say… So, a lot of emotion?

So many emotions. So many unique moments which belong only to us, with these amazing backgrounds. I can’t tell the magic of this Christmas on the other side of the world. I can’t tell the good mood that blew on a parking lot of Airlie beach, neither the giggling of being locked down in our own car. I can’t tell the intensity of screaming on the top of the hill of Charter Towers. I can’t tell the absurdity to have a water bottle named Oscar. I can’t tell the importance of all these colorful balloons. I can’t tell the electricity that raised from the asphalt of Mareeba, neither the one of his hand on mine, every time. I can’t tell the simplicity to spend New Year’s Eve cradled by the waves, sleeping on his arms. I can’t tell all these bubbles of happiness we created, together, during one month… But I can blow their poetry, again and again.

Petite Question: And so, the big question that everyone want to ask… Australia is done, and you are now in Indonesia, before to go back to your 360 degrees around the world, in Vietnam… But we want to know, what about the future?

In this restaurant in Bali, with this exceptional energy, it’s written « The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams ». I believe that this parenthesis can be written like that (;
And about the next ten years, one thing is sure, I have a Christmas CD to listen in a loop every December.

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